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BB2126 Le BB81 Double V-belt

Double V-Belt

BB2126 Le BB81 Double V-belt
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Belt Parameters

Profile: BB/17x13 Profile
Multiple belts: profile – no. of ribs. Caution! The number of ribs refers to the number of belt protrusions = the number of teeth on the pulley!
Délka L2 (mm): 2085Li Length L
Li - inside lenght, Lw - pitch length, La - outside length, Le - effective length. Timing belts z = no. of teeth.
Brand: - Brand: -
This standardized product may come from different manufacturers. We will provide you with the currently supplied brand upon request.
Length Lw (mm): 2126,00
Width (mm): 17,00
Material: NR Material
NR - natural rubber, CR, NBR, H-NBR, EPDM - elastomer rubber, PU - polyurethan, ST – steel, SS – stainless steel.

Belt Description

BB2126 Le BB81 Double V-belt CONTI-V DUAL wrapped double V-Belts to ISO 5289 for operating reverse-rotation drives. The belt’s dual-wedge section makes it especially suitable for drives with reverse flexing where both sides of the belt are to be used to transmit power. The symmetrical design of the belt allows the power transmission to be divided on both sides, each side transmits about 50 % of power as the classic V-Belt of the same profile.

Belt Structure

CONTI-V DUAL Belt Structure

  1. Fabric jacket
  2. Natural rubber
  3. Polyester tension member

Belt Fields of Use

The CONTI V® DUAL double V-Belts have been developed for transmissions with more than two pulleys and for reverse-rotation drives - especially serpentine belt drives and in agricultural machinery.

Typical application fields include garden and agricultural machinery, but also special applications in industrial machinery.

Belt Characteristics

  • Temperature range from -55 °C to +70 °C
  • Suitable for reverse flexing/reverse tensioning idlers
  • Electrically conductive in accordance with ISO 1813
  • Conditionally resistant to oil
  • Suitable for tropical climates
  • Dust-proof

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