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POLYROPE F25x3 (D = 100 mm) - Smooth

Traction and Deflection Pulley

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Pulley Parameters

Profile: F25x3
No. of grooves/teeth: - No. of grooves/teeth
V-pulleys and Poly-V pulleys number of grooves, timing pulleys and sprockets number of teeth.
Bore (mm): 50
Brand: - Brand: -
This standardized product may come from different manufacturers. We will provide you with the currently supplied brand upon request.
Weight (kg): 4.300
Pitch diameter Dw (mm): 100,00
Width (mm): 120,00 Width (mm)
Face width.
Material: Steel Material
In the TYMA Product Catalogues you can find this material also described with the abbreviation ST.

Pulley Description

Traction and deflection pulleys (for POLYROPE, POLYFLAT) are special guide, deflection and traction pulleys. Depending on the belt type, they may be smooth or grooved, with grooves corresponding to the profile of the flat belt. The pulley design must comply with the belt type and the manufacturer's recommendations or the relevant standards and certificates.

Pulley Construction

Construction scheme of a pulley for POLYFLAT and POLYROPE flat belts

  1. Pulley
  2. Bearing
  3. Retaining ring

Pulley Fields of Use

Traction and deflection pulleys for POLYROPE, POLYFLAT are used in elevators and lifting systems.

They are available in various widths according to the respective flat belt.

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