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Freewheels and Clutches

We arranged you complete range of freewheels and freewheels bearings from renowned manufacturers - especially STIEBER, RINGSPANN, GMN, INA etc.

Basic assortments:

  • freewheels and one-way bearings
  • blocking and leading freewheels
  • shunting and switching freewheels
  • separate elements freewheel, freewheel cages
  • freewheels with needle bearings and special freewheels on order

Freewheels and one-way bearings ensure unidirectional rotation in the desired direction. The size of the load is determined by the transmitted torque. Here is an overview of types, individual parameters can be found at catalogue freewheels.

Freewheels with ball bearings K a KN
are integrated into ball bearings with dimensions and characteristics of series 62 They are packed with fat on the whole life and can be installed inside or outside cabinets (manufactured in versions with coverage, with groove or without groove K ..- 2RS resp. KN ..- 2RS).
Freewheels US, USNU, UF
are not self-centering. It is necessary to place the next one or two freewheels bearings such that the outer ring can rotate relative to the inner central ring. They are placed inside closed cabinets (transfers, closing caps, etc.). Lubricant supply must be guaranteed
Freewheels GF
are self-centering. Since the size of 8 to 20 is centering steel on steel, from 25 to 130 are provided two centering bearings of the 160th They are usually installed inside closed cabinets. What is important is the lubrication with oil if the freewheels reach high speeds
Freewheels GV
When the freewheel is used as a one way device, lever fixed to the outer ring must be clamped between two holders or it is necessary to insert a pin into the oval hole. When you use freewheels as an intermittent drive lever must be attached longitudinally by using hole for the push rod and others. In each case, the lever must have a certain clearance allowing axial movement to avoid overloading cases.
Freewheels GL, GLP
have ball bearings type 160 that are used to centering the inner ring with the outer.
Each freewheel is delivered with two paper seals which must be inserted between the outer ring and the flange. when they are not in use it could causes serious damage to freewheels.

Needle freewheels HF a HFL
manufactured with or without integral bearing. HF type corresponds to the dimensions of needle roller bearings HK series. They have an outer ring made of steel sheet.
Freewheels elements and cages
can be supplied separately as spare parts or construction elements for building freewheels.
Special freewheels and building components
customer-specific freewheels and building components according to the demand, model, drawing or description we gladly make on order


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