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Flat Elevator Belt

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Belt Parameters

Profile: POLYFLAT Profile
Multiple belts: profile – no. of ribs. Caution! The number of ribs refers to the number of belt protrusions = the number of teeth on the pulley!
Délka L2 (mm): - Length L
Li - inside lenght, Ld - pitch length, La - outside length, Le - effective length. Timing belts z = no. of teeth.
Brand: ContiTech
Weight (kg): 0.071
Length Ld (mm): 1000,00
Width (mm): 15,00
Material: Polyurethane with Steel Tensile Fiber Material
In the TYMA Product Catalogues you can find this material also described with the abbreviation PU+ST.

Belt Description

F15 HP CONTI POLYFLAT is an open-ended polyurethane flat belt. It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and reinforced by steel tension member.

This belt is manufactured in standard open design with straight transverse grooves on the bottom side. The grooves reach up to the tensile cords. The back of the belt is flat and smooth without grooves.

CONTI POLYFLAT belts have very high tensile strength, excellent flexibility, and wear resistance. They can be used with significantly smaller pulley diameters compared to steel ropes. Smaller pulleys make it possible to use smaller geared motors and create compact drive configurations with low inertia. This reduces production costs and energy consumption.

The belts are available in whole rolls or in lengths according to customer requirements. For orders over 100 m, we offer a customized price quote: inquire for a bulk quote.

Belt Construction

Structure of CONTI POLYFLAT Belt with Straight Transverse Grooves

  1. Polyurethane open bottom side with straight transverse grooves
  2. Steel tension member
  3. Polyurethane flat and smooth backing

Belt Fields of Use

CONTI POLYFLAT Flat Elevator Belts in Use

Thanks to advancements in technology, new procedures, and smart solutions, the application range of flat belts is increasingly expanding to lifting applications.

CONTI POLYFLAT flat belts are designed for lifting systems in industrial applications.

They are particularly used with elevators, lifting systems, forklifts, car wash installations, scissor-lift tables or automatic door and gate systems.

Belt Characteristics

  • High transmission power and long service life
  • Oil-, grease-, fuel-, benzene-, UV- and ozone-resistant; suitable for tropical climates
  • Wear-resistant and maintenance free
  • Temperature range from −30 °C to +80 °C (please request technical advice for temperatures below −10 °C and above +50 °C)
  • Low in PAHs (PAK) – category 1 according to AfPS-GS-2014-01-PAK

Documents for Download

Dimensions and Parameters of Flat Elevator Belts, Ropes and Wedge Sockets - Preview

Dimensions and Parameters of Flat Elevator Belts, Ropes and Wedge Sockets

TYMA CZ Data Sheets

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ContiTech Product Overview

English and German (PDF 1.63 MB)

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Manufacturer Profile


Continental is the world’s largest specialist for rubber and plastics technology in the non-tire rubber sector. A division of Continental AG, the company develops and produces functional parts, components and systems for the automotive and other important industries.

ContiTech importance on immediate proximity to customers. ContiTech is active in 26 countries with 75 production sites and more than 40 R&D facilities and sales organizations. The customers around the world stand to profit: Greater safety. Higher efficiency. Closer proximity.

TYMA CZ, s.r.o., is the official distributor of Continental ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

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