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PTFE Semifinished Products

PTFE as the material is also known under the brands Hostaflon, Teflon or Algoflon. As the structural material is used in increased load requirements, chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction.

Areas of application:

PTFE is available as semi-finished in bars, tubes, plates etc. It can be machined by turning, milling, drilling to final products such as seals, guide lines etc.










Available products of PTFE and various plastics

  • round timber diameter 3-120 mm
  • molded rod diameter from 20 to 775 mm
  • tube diameter 10 to 120 mm
  • molded hollow rod diameter from 25 to 1440 mm

PTFE properties :

  • temperature resistant from -190 ° to + 260 ° C (up to 500 ° F), briefly up to + 300 ° C, non-flammable!
  • high chemical resistance, acid resistance, gasoline, oil etc.
  • resistance to mildew
  • resistance to UV, infrared and high frequency radiation
  • possibility of use in contact with foodadhesive surface, non-stick, low friction coefficient
  • very long service life, resistance to aging
  • easy washability


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