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CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX heavy dutyendless polyurethane timing belts in profile AT20 deliver high outputs thanks to their high-grade components. The excellent bond between the hard-wearing polyurethane teeth and the constant-length galvanised steel tension members is the basic on which the high power output potential is built. The very flexible production process is particularly suitable, for example, for manufacturing double-sided belts and rear cams with a high degree of dimensional accuracy. The range of compounds available also enables operation at low temperatures, in clean rooms and in the food industry.


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Profiles and dimensions:


  • Polyurethane timing belts AT20 (pdf, 160 kB)

Oblasti použití:
CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX timing belts can be used in every sector of industry. From miniature drives handling the high-precision positioning of components for PCB assembly to high-performance drives in construction and woodworking machinery -  CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX is equally at home.


- resistant to oils and greases, resistant to benzene and benzole
- hydrolysis-resitant
- resistant to UV radiation and ozone
- suitable for temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C. Please contact our engineers if the application involves temperatures below -10°C or above +50°C

Polyurethane timing belts SYNCHROFLEX CONTI® are manufactured in metric profiles AT.

Product code:
50 AT 20 - 1960

50 - belt width in mm, AT20 - tooth pitch, 1960 - belt length in mm

Lenght range Lw (mm): 1000 - 1960


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